Welcome to Ravenloft!

Playing in Ravenloft (at least as we play it) is very different from any other D&D game or game world. The game is much more about the story, the characters and the world they live in. It is a world of dark fantasy and gothic horror; a world where things do go bump in the night and everyone has a right to be legitimately scared of what is under the bed, or in the closet.

Every character must have a background. It can be minimal (I grew up on a farm, working the crops with my father until my family was killed by wolves while I was away at market; I have been traveling ever since trying to earn a living, but I go out of my way to kill any wolves I find), or it can be very extensive. The key requirement is some tragedy or dark secret that drove the character to leave the (relative) safety and security of their home.

Ravenloft relies heavily on emotion – fear and anguish, hatred and betrayal, hunger and envy. To understand the motivations of others in Ravenloft, you too (your character) must have emotions, wants and fears. This is another reason why a good background story will help you enjoy Ravenloft to its fullest.

At the same time, Ravenloft can be unforgiving to the unwary. Do not grow attached to any character as there is no guarantee of their safety in Ravenloft. Monsters, curses, terrible magic and dark powers are all seeking to bring about your downfall, however it is typically the actions of the character himself/herself that ultimately cause their demise.

Good luck!

Ravenloft - Curse of Strahd

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